Hipstreet Launches NRVE Brand for Dedicated Line of Audio and Gaming Focused Products

New gaming and audio lineup will focus on quality, style, innovation and value.

Hipstreet today introduced its NRVE (pronounced “nerve”) product line, a new brand of advanced gaming and audio solutions that will offer cutting-edge features, robust quality, and exceptional value vs. other comparable vendors, with multiple products launching throughout 2016.

The NRVE Audio line of products will be the perfect blend of style and sound, bringing unconventional design aesthetics without compromising audio quality.  NRVE Audio is built for durability, delivering deep bass and overall sound clarity whether you’re at home or on the move.  NRVE Audio is also designed for comfort with an ergonomically friendly design philosophy that provides a natural fit so you can relax and focus on the music.

The NRVE Gaming line of products will bring the kind of smart, inventive and most importantly useful design features that gamers have been asking for, while still providing tremendous quality and outstanding value.  The NRVE line of gaming products will focus on the right solutions across a wide variety of gaming platforms and experiences, from PCs to consoles to mobile devices.

 “The NRVE brand from Hipstreet is a new path of innovation for our company”, said Moe Kirpalani, President and CEO.  “With a distinctive design philosophy and a strong roadmap of products already planned for 2016, we believe we can offer something truly unique to gamers and music lovers alike.”

The first NRVE branded products from Hipstreet are expected to launch in Q1, with more additions to the line throughout 2016.


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Darren McPhee
Darren McPhee
Head of Marketing and Communications, HIPSTREET