Hipstreet Delivers Innovation and Mobility to the Masses With New Intel®-Powered, Windows® 10-Based Products

New Hipstreet W14 notebook and PC2GO PC-on-a-Stick bring advanced design, powerful computing, and superb mobility to consumers.

Hipstreet continues to be at the forefront of innovative consumer electronics solutions, today announcing its new W14 notebook and innovative PC2GO PC-on-a-Stick.  Both products are powered by Intel® Atom™ Z8300 and Microsoft Windows® 10 Operating System, ensuring a smooth and reliable computing experience at home or on the go.

The sleek and powerful Hipstreet W14 notebook brings a thin and light design without compromising performance.   Designed with the latest Intel® Atom™ Quad Core processor, 2GB DDR3L and a vibrant 14” screen, the W14 is the ultimate, affordable notebook for productivity and entertainment.  The W14 runs on Windows® 10, delivering a superior computing experience with features like Cortana and the new Windows Store featuring hundreds of thousands of apps and games.

The PC2GO gives you the performance of a full size PC in the palm of your hand, bringing the full Windows® 10 computing experience to your TV.  Sampling now, Hipstreet expects the PC2GO to be the first product of its class in market powered by the latest Intel® Atom™ Z8300 Processor.  Easy to set up, the PC2GO also comes with a wireless, compact keyboard, ergonomically designed with a built in trackball and scroll wheel for easy navigation.  Download apps, games and more from the Windows store and create your own powerful entertainment and productivity system.

 “The new W14 and PC2GO products are perfect representations of what Hipstreet is all about”, said Moe Kirpalani, President and CEO.  “They bring unmatched innovation, mobility and performance to consumers at affordable prices.” 

The SRP of the Hipstreet W14 notebook will be $249.99 USD, while the Hipstreet PC2GO will launch with a $199.99 SRP.  Both products are planned to be available in stores and at participating retailers in early 2016.


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Darren McPhee
Darren McPhee
Head of Marketing and Communications, HIPSTREET