Hillcroft Physicians P.A. Opens Their Medical Facility to Afghan Refugees

Hillcroft Physicians P.A. has dedicated their time helping Afghan refugees throughout the Houston community. For the past few weeks, they have extended their services, free of charge, to newly arrived Afghani families resettled in Houston.

The Hillcroft Physicians P.A. team has been assessing the patients holistically by addressing their physical and mental health. Most newly arriving patients have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and additional health issues, so the Hillcroft team is committed to being empathetic and culturally sensitive to their healthcare needs. The staff recognizes that every person has different health concerns, so they are providing their patients with personalized care.

For the last 25 years, Hillcroft Physicians P.A. has served as a safe and welcoming healthcare facility for new immigrants, especially refugees. They have provided healthcare to thousands of refugees worldwide, including Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Syria, Nepal, and Afghanistan. Furthermore, the team cooperates with Houston-based refugee resettlement agencies, such as YMCA International, Catholic agencies, Alliance, Interfaith Ministries, and Refugee Services of Texas, as they help the refugees through their settlement in Houston.

Hillcroft Physicians P.A. will always accommodate patients in unprecedented situations to make them feel safe and secure while transitioning into a new environment. Cultural sensitivity is an integral part of the physicians' work since they see people of different backgrounds and ethnicities. The Hillcroft Physicians P.A. staff knows that Houston is a melting pot of cultures, and they are passionate about providing quality healthcare to immigrants and underserved patients.

About Hillcroft Physicians P.A.

Hillcroft Physicians P.A. was founded by Dr. Forough Farizani in Houston, Texas, in 1998 with the help of Hamid Razavi, Ph.D., the CEO of Paragon Medical, with the goal of humanizing medicine. Dr. Farizani and her staff strive to serve you and your family to improve patient care and make a difference in your health and wellness. Hillcroft Physicians P.A. is a single-source primary care provider, offering the most comprehensive in-house primary services focusing on all aspects of family medicine, from pediatrics to geriatrics. At Hillcroft Physicians P.A., their highly trained staff is committed to ensuring people from all walks of life will receive outstanding healthcare services.

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Source: Hillcroft Physicians P.A.