Hildreth Real Estate Advisors Acquire W 79th Street NYC Property

Hildreth Real Estate Advisors Purchased W 79th Street NYC Property This November

Hildreth Real Estate Advisors (HREA) announced the acquisition of a new property. HREA is now the owner of 226 W. 79th St., New York City. This property will be added to the growing portfolio of HREA.

The purchase of 226 W. 79th St. was made official on Nov. 16, 2021. The property was initially built in 1925 and is five stories, with seven units in total. Five of these units are residential, with the remaining two units zoned for commercial use. There are plans to renovate this property in the near future.

The studio-style apartments within the complex feel right at home in the city, with exposed brick interiors and an open design. Located within the Upper West Side, the property itself is highly desirable, making it a sound investment for HREA.

HREA was founded by David Shorenstein and Jason Breistone in 2019. HREA invests in real estate advice within New York, Los Angeles, and Florida, where it has gained a reputation for making substantial real estate investments, which now includes 226 W. 79th St.

Currently, HREA is focusing heavily on New York City properties. Their goal is to make intelligent real estate decisions that will ultimately leave a positive impact on the city's landscape. Each property purchased will be left with its original charm - maintaining its connection to the city it resides in.

The properties HREA deals with include retail, mixed-use, multifamily, office properties, rent-regulated properties, and development sites. In addition to maintaining overall aesthetics, HREA also strives to preserve each property's history.

The portfolio of HREA has grown exponentially over the past year. In total, HREA has purchased over fifty properties since its creation. This has been made possible by the careful planning of its owners. This is part of a larger initiative, as the company hopes to expand its portfolio and influence into other states.

Source: Hildreth Real Estate Advisors