Highstreet, TALON Launch Metaverse Flagship for Esports-Focused Shopping Experience

TALON Will Release Exclusive Merchandise in the Highstreet World Metaverse

Highstreet, a commerce-centered metaverse integrating retail experiences with gaming, has formed a groundbreaking partnership with TALON, a leading esports team based in Asia. Together, they will launch a commemorative physical collectible, with a digital version for the Highstreet World metaverse.

  • The Forbidden TALON Temple is a unique experience merging virtual shopping with gaming.
  • Discover TALON’s merchandise through immersive virtual try-ons and wear items within the metaverse.
  • The Forbidden TALON Temple is a prime example of the brand experiences offered in the Highstreet World metaverse.

To offer an engaging shopping experience, the Forbidden TALON Temple was built as a new attraction on Highstreet Campus. Visitors can explore an exhibition showcasing TALON’s accomplishments, peruse the team’s range of merchandise, and make purchases. There will be exciting quests and token-gated areas offering exclusive experiences to fans.

The Forbidden TALON Temple includes several themed rooms. The Hall of Fame displays TALON’s trophies, iconic posters, and uniforms, celebrating the organization’s monumental achievements. The TALON HQ showcases key products, with a TALON logo sculpture as the room’s centerpiece. Elsewhere, the TALON Office is reserved for elite interactions and experiences.

The Forbidden TALON Temple highlights the future of brand experiences in Highstreet World, with more renowned brands expected to reach fans in the growing metaverse.

“At TALON, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation, and this partnership with Highstreet symbolizes that commitment. Our fans are the heart and soul of our success, and this collaboration allows us to offer them an unparalleled experience. With the Forbidden TALON Temple, we’re not just providing an online shopping platform; we’re offering an interactive, gamified retail adventure that brings everyone closer to TALON,” said Sean Zhang, CEO of TALON Esports.

As part of this partnership, a special collaborative hoodie is available for purchase exclusively at the Forbidden TALON Temple. It comes in black and white colorways, priced at US$89 (settled using HIGH tokens). Users wearing the hoodie in TALON’s metaverse area will have wings attached to their avatars.

“Partnering with TALON is a milestone achievement for Highstreet. Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of retail in the open metaverse, creating a deeply engaging and immersive experience that transcends traditional shopping. The Forbidden TALON Temple is not just a virtual store; it’s a dynamic space where fans can connect with TALON in a way that was previously unimaginable,” said Travis Wu, CEO of Highstreet.

TALON is currently competing in The International 2023 — a major Dota competition — and competed in the League of Legends World Championships. To find out more about TALON’s retail flagship in Highstreet World, follow Highstreet’s announcements on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.


TALON is a leading esports, culture and lifestyle platform in Asia, with headquarters in Hong Kong. Regional offices are located in Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, and South Korea. Talon was established in 2017 and operates seven professional esports teams in five markets and has accolades of over 30 tournament wins. TALON operates its own creative studio to run the industry-best esports marketing, content creation, and activities for TALON and its partners.

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@PSGTALON
Website: https://www.talon.gg/
General Inquiries: info@talonesports.com

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