Highstreet Harnesses Power of Apple's Vision Pro to Accelerate Web3 Adoption

Highstreet embraces Apple's new Vision Pro, poised to realize immense Web3 adoption with the fusion of NFTs, AI, and spatial computing.

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Highstreet, a pioneering figure in the digital space, announces its full support for Apple's new device, the Vision Pro. As a strategic move in the evolution of mixed reality, Highstreet believes that integrating Vision Pro's technology with NFTs, AI, and mixed reality will not only expedite Web3 adoption but also revolutionize the user experience.

  • Highstreet, a leader in the digital landscape, fully embraces Apple's Vision Pro, aiming to revolutionize the user experience and accelerate Web3 adoption.
  • With Vision Pro, Highstreet sees an opportunity to enhance how users navigate the phygital (physical and digital) world, making the metaverse more mainstream.
  • Highstreet plans to debut a Phygital Shop experience during the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix in September.

The Apple Vision Pro, despite not being the first consumer headset on the market, stands out with its innovative design and functionality. This device sets a new paradigm for interacting with digital content, allowing users to remain present in their physical surroundings while engaging with a digital overlay. With its transparent glass design and impressive capabilities, Vision Pro has caught the eye of industry pioneers like Highstreet for its potential to significantly impact the future of computing.

The passthrough technology of Vision Pro makes mixed reality — AR and VR — more accessible, enabling users to immerse themselves in augmented or virtual realities with ease. With Vision Pro, the divide between our physical space and digital content diminishes, marking a significant step towards mainstream appeal for the metaverse.

The Vision Pro allows Highstreet community members to view and interact with their collections and their Highstreet Homes in novel ways, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds. This is made even more immersive with Highstreet's latest innovations. In addition to a full VR MMORPG experience already in the pipeline for later this year, Highstreet is introducing an innovative furniture add-on for homeowners venturing into mixed reality. This inventive addition turns any Highstreet Home into an immersive workspace, introducing a new dimension to the concept of working from home. 

As users step into their living rooms donning the Vision Pro, their everyday environment morphs in extraordinary ways: a physical piano metamorphoses into a Glass Piano, a Torn FOMO sculpture materializes on their coffee table, their sofa transforms into a FOMOBIT Couch, and pets evolve into Pet Drakes. This bold move signifies Highstreet's commitment to a future where the borders between our physical and digital worlds cease to exist.

With Vision Pro, users can now experience a seamless integration of their virtual collections into their physical spaces, thus paving the way for more engaging and immersive experiences.

"At Highstreet, we are fully committed to harnessing this innovative device to accelerate the adoption of Web3 and revolutionize the user experience in the mixed reality landscape. We're stepping into a future where physical and digital boundaries are blurred, opening up vast and exciting possibilities for our users. Simply put, this isn't just about technology; it's about crafting a new reality," said Travis Wu, CEO of Highstreet.

Highstreet is ready to lead the journey into this exciting new era of mixed reality. As the company stands at the beginning stages of mass phygital world adoption, it is primed to develop experiences that will amaze its community members. A few spin-offs featuring pure augmented reality are also in the works, with one aiming to coincide with its Binance Beach region launch coming in early 2024. Highstreet is also continuing a successful crossover with Formula One, one of the first major steps is the planned debut of a Phygital Shop experience during the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix in September. 

Highstreet is committed to leveraging this technology to its fullest potential, offering engaging experiences and opportunities to its users and partners around the world. Simply put, Apple has created an extraordinary piece of hardware, and Highstreet is ready to craft transformative experiences that will take this headset to new levels of immersion.

About Highstreet

Highstreet is a commerce-centered metaverse integrating shopping with gaming. While products from brands bring an endless supply of cosmetics, bridging character customizations with real-world fashion, an MMORPG backbone further adds utility to them, allowing players to craft unique NFTs to elevate their gameplay. As Highstreet's phygital products continue to gain traction both online through e-commerce storefronts like Shopify and offline through various department stores around the world, Highstreet World continues to grow through land sales to brand partners; accumulating new stories to be discovered and shared by players around the world.


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