High School Student Starts Action Sports Brand; Zend - Dedicated to "Sending It"


Eric Nicholson

It was after a long day in the park at Park City Resort in Utah that Eric Nicholson came up with an idea to print a few t-shirts. On the t-shirt would be a symbol representing a ramp with the proclamation to “send it!” What started as a simple idea to make a few shirts for himself and some friends has now evolved into a full-fledged brand, community, and business venture called Zend.

According to Eric, “as we brainstormed names and slogans, my dad (who happens to own a sticker company) and I got more and more excited, not just about printing a few products, but developing a name and brand that could really represent a lifestyle and state of mind. I love to ski. And, in the park and in the air is where I want to be as much as possible. I know there are many kids and older folks, like my Dad, passionate about air time. I wondered if we could bring all these enthusiasts together under one banner…one word…one community, and share cool pictures, videos and content. And, hopefully at the same time, distribute tons of stickers and sell some high quality clothing to represent our passion.”

So, what is Zend? Based on some content posted on their website, it appears to be about ‘starving the ego and feeding the soul’. According to Eric, “Zend isn’t about just throwing yourself like a crazy person into the air on skis, boards, bikes or skates…it is about style, balance and bliss. Anyone can ‘send it’ big off a jump or a cliff, but a higher purpose is to Zend It – to go big with seemingly effortless style, landing smoothly, all in harmony with the universe.”

Zend is based out of Stowe, Vermont and online at truezend.com. Currently this start-up is in the early stages of gathering followers (@truezend) and converts to the cause while offering free Zend stickers to those that join in the quest. For information: 802-253-3185 or someone@truezend.com

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