Six Year "Sticker Mobile" Art Project Nears Completion

The Sticker Mobile is fully dressed!

The Sticker Mobile by Websticker

​​​After 6 years and the application of thousands of stickers, Websticker’s company car, the Sticker Mobile, is officially fully dressed.  The stickers came primarily from Websticker clients and represent a collage of Americana with logos, slogans, art and opinions. Though originally conceived as the ultimate sticker promotional vehicle, the resulting spectacle has turned out to be more of a fun work of art. Everyone smiles, points and waves when the Sticker Mobile drives by.

The Sticker Mobile is a ’72 VW Bug and was originally found for sale by the side of the road in Montpelier, Vermont. Something about the car screamed, “cover me with stickers.” Each year the Websticker team has focused on covering one specific section of the car. It started with covering the hood in 2011. This year, the last remaining real estate, the drivers side fender, was finished off in June, just in time for the annual Moscow 4th Of July Parade.

Websticker owner, Jeff Nicholson commented, “the project will never be actually “completed” as there is always another fun sticker to add and ongoing maintenance to keep the car fresh and current. The car can’t travel far these days, but it’s a project that is dear to our hearts - spreading positive vibes and the power of stickers.”

Many people ask who that is sometimes driving the Sticker Mobile or seen waving from the back seat? That is Ned, Websticker’s Director of Goodwill and a worldwide happiness advocate. A Ned sticker campaign is underway to spread the fun far beyond where an antique VW Bug can travel. Ned and his positive messages have already been sighted all across the world, in China, New Zealand, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, Vietnam, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, the Cayman Islands, the Netherlands and, of course, all across the United States. Check out Ned’s Instagram page, @NedSayz, to follow his journey and to join the crew in spreading good vibes!

Freely Creative / Websticker is a marketing company specializing in the design and production of custom bumper stickers, die cut stickers, decals, roll labels and magnets. The company has been based in Stowe, Vermont since 1991. For more information on Websticker, custom stickers, the Sticker Mobile, or the @NedSayz Sticker Campaign visit

Source: Websticker

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