HHS Technology Group™ Attended MESC 2017

Modularity and real-time solutions among the key focus points

HHS Technology Group, LLC™ (HHS Tech Group) attended the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) in Baltimore, Maryland from Aug. 15-18, 2017. 

As a leader in modular software solutions for the Health and Human Services market, HHS Tech Group was honored to be among the thought leaders from the public and private sectors in order to share ideas, latest trends, and information related to the Medicaid systems and initiatives.

“Once again, MESC delivered with a combination of innovative thought leadership and realistic solutions to real-time issues,” said Bradley B. White, President & CEO of HHS Tech Group. “As a long-time proponent of using modular technology solutions to improve cost-effectiveness and speed of delivery to the citizens, we were pleased to see the modularity approach highlighted in many sessions.”

The national Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (formerly the Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) Conference) is an annual meeting for State, Federal and private sector individuals to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas related to Medicaid systems and heath policy affected by those systems. The four-day conference attracts participants from every level of public service from Medicaid directors and CIOs to program analysts. To learn more about MESC, visit www.mesconference.org.


About HHS Technology Group, LLC

HHS Tech Group is a software and solutions company serving the needs of government agencies and public programs in the health and human services sector. HHS Tech Group delivers modular solutions, software products and integration services for modernization and operation of systems across a wide spectrum of health and human services programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, Child Welfare and many more. Our products and solutions are designed and focused to support Financial Management, Provider Management, Case Management, Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Management, and Systems Integration.

For more information about HHS Technology Group, visit www.HHStechgroup.com

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