Faiyaz Shikari Named HHS Technology Group™ President & CTO

HHS Technology Group, LLC™ (HHS Tech Group) is proud to announce Faiyaz Shikari as its new President & Chief Technology Officer. 

“Our Board of Directors and I are thrilled to appoint Faiyaz as our new President & Chief Technology Officer,” said Bradley B. White, CEO of HHS Tech Group. “Faiyaz’s experience and market foresight are second to none. We are highly confident that his passion, creativity, and vision as President & CTO will continue to have a significant impact on the organization.”

Mr. Shikari has more than 25 years of system development and solution architecture experience in senior leadership roles where he has been responsible for establishing product vision and developing state of the art solutions for the health and human services sector across local, state and federal agencies. “I am grateful and excited to be serving the HHS Tech team as President & CTO,” said Shikari about his new role. “Our team is poised to become a disruptive player in MMIS modernization, and I’m proud to lead us toward growth and new opportunity. We are capitalizing on the momentum we have achieved with modular, SaaS solutions such as Discover your Provider “DyP” for provider management, and we are excited about the implementation of innovative technologies such as Blockchain into our healthcare solutions.”

About HHS Technology Group, LLC

HHS Tech Group is a software and solutions company serving the needs of government agencies and public programs in the health and human services sector. HHS Tech Group delivers modular solutions, software products, and integration services for modernization and operation of systems across a wide spectrum of health and human services programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, Child Welfare and many more. Our products and solutions are designed and focused to support Financial Management, Provider Management, Member Management, Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Management, Service Authorization Management and Third Party Liability Management.

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For more information about HHS Technology Group, visit www.HHStechgroup.com 

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