HeyPayless Engineers E-State Planner: A Legal Web-App Platform

With technology innovating the legal industry, a significant update was required in the way legal estate and wills are handled in the modern world. HeyPayless has engineered the solution. A web platform has been specifically built to digitize and speed up the process of submitting wills from clients to their legal advisors.

“e-State Planner were facing significant losses related to extensive use of time and resources due to the manual process. A web platform was required that would expedite the process of users submitting their wills with the relevant information. ” said Brij, Project Manager at HeyPayless.

With thorough research and inspection of the industry environment, Heypayless engineered a web-app for legal consultancy. It collected the database of the user and forwarded it in a segmented manner to the lawyer. The lawyer receives the information in a PDF manner and the user can select the relevant options easily from a drop-down menu. 

The user can choose from two customized plans through a payment integration system and then login to the web app through an external customer panel leading to significant savings in time and resources for both parties.  

About e-State Planner:

e-State Planner is an interactive Will Planning Tool to be used by lawyers to advise their clients and confirm instructions in a visual way.

About HeyPayless:

HeyPayless is a creative technology agency crafting awesome digital platforms, products, and integrated experiences driven by passion and smart innovation. We provide quality software as a service solutions to customers across globe.

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