HeyPayless Builds Dyslexia Dragon: A New-Gen eLearning Gaming Experience

With Dyslexia Dragon, HeyPayless have taken a huge leap in the world of gaming by engineering a platform for educational learning. The game is specifically customized for dyslexic children to help them learn the language through multiple levels of grammar and vocabulary.

“Our friends at Dyslexia Dragon wished to build a game that could integrate different levels of educational training for children with disability as per the different skill-sets required for their development.” said Riken Shah, Owner of HeyPayless. “With our experience in engineering gaming development for the modern generation, we had the expertise to build the perfect eLearning platform.”

A web-based learning game that integrates cognitive speech learning capabilities, strategic-level based development, and modern character designing for the best gaming experience was engineered with precise knowledge. The game facilitated and segmented learning for different students provided different levels of difficulty.

By integrating a speech learning software that combined specific sounds and visuals to create, a precise educational experience was created for dyslexic children. The characters were designed with detailed characteristics along with individual gaming behavior.

About Dyslexia Dragon:

Dyslexia Dragon is a game that educates children about alphabets and grammar with the aid of a fun interactive game. 

About HeyPayless:

HeyPayless is a creative technology agency crafting awesome digital platforms, products, and integrated experiences driven by passion and smart innovation. We provide quality software solutions to customers across globe.

Source: HeyPayless