Heroine Doctor Fights to Serve Women in New Jersey and Abroad

 The Birth Center of New Jersey's heroine doctor fights to serve women in New Jersey and abroad. Nicola Pemberton MD, FACOG is a heroine of New Jersey. Not only has she delivered over 50 babies since the COVID-19 pandemic started, she delivered five babies within 24 hours a few days ago on June 17, 2020. Throughout the entire pandemic, she has served hundreds of women via telemedicine and office visits, calming their fears and anxieties throughout these stressful times. She wears double masks at all times while she delivers these babies.

Dr. Pemberton fights the dismal statistics in racial disparities in maternal mortality for black women in New Jersey every day. Earlier this year, she was featured on "Sex: Explained (Child Birth)", where Vox actually filmed a birth with her as the doctor attending the birth. She is the medical director for The Birth Center of New Jersey. She works tirelessly to help lower the C-Section rate in New Jersey, which is currently the highest in the nation.

Women would love to know about a doctor and her team that holds their health as a number one priority. Women are curious about water births performed at The Birth Center of New Jersey. Dr. Pemberton founded the Birth Center of New Jersey to give women natural birthing options. She has been serving women, her entire career and deserves to be recognized. 

Source: The Birth Center of New Jersey