Featured on the Netflix Special 'Childbirth, Sex: Explained', The Birth Center of New Jersey

A new hope for women who want to experience a natural birth?

The Birth Center of New Jersey and Dr. Nicola Pemberton were just featured on the Netflix series "Childbirth: Explained."

The Birth Center of New Jersey gives the women of New Jersey and surrounding areas a unique experience in childbirth. The Birth Center allows women to have an experience similar to a home birth (the way women have been giving birth for thousands of years) but with the safety and guidance of Birth Center Professionals (Certified Nurse Midwives and Doctors who are consulted with for emergencies, policies, and procedures).

Dr. Pemberton is on the front lines every day trying to improve the statistics of maternal mortality rates during pregnancy. New Jersey has been consistently one of the states that maintains the highest number of C-sections nationwide. The Birth Center of New Jersey aims to improve that statistic.

The Birth Center of New Jersey is part of the Wellness Collective, an 8,200 sq ft facility that is comprised of The Birth Center and Artemis OB/GYN, a premier women’s health facility in Union County, NJ. Artemis OB/GYN has been empowering women for years through education and promoting breastfeeding and natural deliveries. The medical director, Nicola Pemberton, MD, FACOG, is a champion for VBACs (Vaginal Birth After C-Section) and promotes health and wellness every day.

Their facility has three birth rooms and each room is equipped with a birthing tub. They have a very comfortable family room with a large screen TV and a children’s play area. In order to be a patient of the Birth Center, one would have to do their prenatal care through Artemis OB/GYN or any of the credentialed midwives of The Birth Center of New Jersey. Let Dr. Pemberton or one of their women’s health providers explain women’s health and natural childbirth to your clients.

Our website is www.BirthCenterNJ.comhttp://www.birthcenternj.com/
Our email is Info@birthCenterNJ.com.

“Women’s Health is paramount to the success of today’s society.” -Nicola Pemberton MD, FACOG

Wellness Collective -- “Bridging the gap between women’s health and natural childbirth."


Source: The Birth Center of New Jersey

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