Hempstaff Creates Social Equity Division for Cannabis Recruitment


​​HempStaff, the cannabis and hemp industry’s leading training and recruiting agency, is excited to announce its new Social Equity Recruiting Division. This division was specifically created to assist potential business owners and employees in California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and any future state that implements a social equity program, to get the opportunities they deserve in the cannabis industry.

The states with social equity programs in the cannabis industry are committed to ensuring that communities historically impacted by the criminalization of cannabis have an opportunity to participate in the legal cannabis industry and HempStaff is ready to help make this happen. Seven states now have social equity programs that were created to reduce the financial barriers that exist to enter the legal cannabis industry.

Social equity programs vary from state to state, but they all provide support for business ownership and for employment opportunities in the legal cannabis industry. Assistance includes grants, low-interest loans, additional application points and even special funding to help entrepreneurs have an opportunity to start their own cannabis business. Some states even have grants and funding available for candidates to pay for cannabis industry training. The purpose of the social equity program is to identify those affected by non-violent crimes, poverty and discrimination and give them assistance in obtaining a cannabis license or cannabis employment.

HempStaff now has dedicated team members specializing in the details of each state’s program to help potential business owners find the candidates they are searching for to fill the social equity requirements. HempStaff is here to assist those very same candidates to find their dream opportunities. While states took the time to create the program, getting the social equity programs off the ground has proven more of a challenge. HempStaff can help cultivators, processors and dispensing organizations with the recruiting services and employment plan they need to apply for their cannabis licenses and become part of their state’s social equity program.

HempStaff’s database of resumes and network of recruiters and candidates allows their business developers to identify qualified candidates in the designated areas quickly and efficiently. “HempStaff is an equal opportunity employer,” said James Yagielo, CEO. “We provide a focused list to the client, utilizing the ‘designated geographic area map’ and the required experiences, ultimately allowing the business owner to select the candidates they wish to interview and employ. Finding social equity employees while remaining an equal opportunity employer takes experience and skill in the recruitment industry and HempStaff has created a team that has these exact skills and experiences necessary.”

HempStaff Recruiters and Candidate Specialists work together with the candidate and client to act as one point of contact. In summary, the HempStaff team will manage interviews, present and negotiate offer letters and finalize background checks. The goal is to help simplify the process, giving these cannabis companies and social equity programs a chance to be very successful in the future. As new states legalize and regulations are finalized, there will be more participation in these programs and HempStaff is ready to help without any of the restrictions of its competitors, like upfront costs and exclusivity.

The HempStaff Social Equity team is available to assist new business applicants or existing cannabis companies in fulfilling their social equity plan requirements, hiring plans and, of course, employee training certifications. In addition to its recruiting services, HempStaff training instructors have over five years of nationwide industry training, ranging from accredited Responsible Vendor Programs to entry-level dispensary agent certifications. New training classes and topics are coming in March of 2020.

Find more information about their recruiting services at https://www.hempstaff.com. Training Certification class schedules are available at https://dispensarytraining.com and new positions are posted daily at https://cannabisemployment.com.

HempStaff was founded in April 2014 and has quickly become an industry leader in cannabis training in addition to medical marijuana, adult-use marijuana, and hemp recruiting. HempStaff specializes in finding management-level employees, such as master growers, extractors or dispensary managers. HempStaff also hosts multiple cannabis dispensary training courses around the United States.  h

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