Help Keep Our Cookies Safe!

Help Keep Our Cookies Safe!

 Diamond Bakery would like to please ask shoppers to ask store managers for samples to their new premium Shortbread Cookies instead of taking them out of the box. Over the past few months several reports have been made about missing cookies from retailers including Times Kahala & Mililani.

“Every box of our premium shortbread cookies has 12 individual wrapped cookies,” said Gary Yoshioka, President of Diamond Bakery Company, Ltd. “Since November we’ve had multiple concerns from customers who purchased cookies but noticed that some were missing. At first we thought it was a production error but after careful investigation we’ve discovered it’s happening at the retail locations.”

Last year Diamond Bakery added more flavors to the ever popular shortbread cookies now offering them in a buttery bliss of original, chocolate chip, brownie, lilikoi, pineapple, coconut, kona coffee, and green tea.    

 “We think customers are sampling the cookies from the box” said Richard Davis, Assistant store manager at the new Taste Of Times Mililani. “In partnership with Diamond Bakery we’d like to ask the public to just ask a store manager if you’d like to sample a flavor instead of removing them from the packaging.”  

Diamond Bakery just celebrated 95 years of business in Hawaii in October. “We’re so excited that people are responding well to our new Shortbread Cookies,” said Yoshioka. “Please help us respect the integrity of our brand by not sampling flavors out of the box while shopping.”  

About Diamond Bakery

Diamond Bakery has been Hawaii’s favorite way to snack for almost 95 years. What started off as a dream between three Japanese immigrants has grown to become a household name in Hawaii. Diamond Bakery bakes iconic products including Soda Crackers Crackers, Royal Creem Crackers, Saloon Pilot Crackers, Salty Crackers, Graham Crackers, Animal Crackers, along with Hawaiian Shortbread Cookies Ruff ' Ready Cookies, Coconut Cookies, Candy Bead Cookies, Chocolate chip Cookies and Coconut Taffy Cookies.

About Times Supermarkets

Times Supermarkets has been one of Hawaii’s favorite supermarkets for over 75 years. What started off as a dream shared by two Okinawan immigrants working on Hawaii’s sugar plantations has grown to include 24 supermarket locations including 17 Times locations, 5 Big Save Markets, Shima’s Supermarket, and fine wine and specialty food shop, Fujioka’s Wine Times. For added shopping convenience Times also has in-store Pharmacies on the islands of Oahu and Maui.  

Source: Diamond Bakery


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