Heathrow Air Ambulance Service Updates Website to Meet Needs of UK Area

A British private ambulance transport company renovates its old website to better serve their clients.

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service, one of the UK's leading independently owned ambulance service provider, has completed an update to its website.

Working with Team Discovery Ltd., Heathrow Air Ambulance Service executives have collaborated on the update and content of the website that will, in the words of Heathrow Air Ambulance Service Operations Manager Colin Walker-White, reflect the growth and commitment of the 30-year old firm to use the latest in technology to meet the needs of the UK region.

The new website is configured to display well across all devices, including desktops, laptops and mobile devices. This is a critical component of the design, Walker-White notes, in that people who request ambulance services or information may use a variety of different technological devices to access the site, and it was an important consideration to make the site as user-accessible as possible. “Time is of the essence, and we sought to eliminate the need for someone to scroll through endless data because they tried to access a site on their smartphone when it was designed for a desktop viewing,” he said. The new design eliminates that issue.

Other features of the new website include an updated blog section, including a “Contact Us” section, patient forms, and a recruitment page for medical transport personnel.

“We view this as a way to provide a lot of vital information to viewers in an easy-to-view format,” said Walker-White, adding, “We all know how quickly our industry is changing, and for us it has been very important to make a website as user-friendly and as full of information as possible.”

The site will be easily navigable for viewers to know more about the services the company offers, the latest news from the company, updated medical and training information, and much more.

According to a Heathrow Air Ambulance Service Chief Operating Officer, this website complements the company's ongoing commitment to enhanced technology that helps the growing needs of the community and providers. He cited the company’s enhanced online training programs as another example of technology that benefits the community, both synchronous and asynchronous. Through this program, EMTs, firefighters and other first response personnel can participate in online training in real time, or through participating in recorded programs and being able to ask questions and obtain real time responses, from their homes or at their work stations. “It brings the emergency response center to the caller in a convenient, user-friendly manner. Relevant, fast and efficient was the model at the heart of this technology,” he said.

About Heathrow Air Ambulance Service:

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service is part of the wider Roebuck Air Services Group. It is a long- established company with an excellence of service within the diverse roles of air ambulances, flight nurses, and the private ground ambulance domain. Its dedication to achieving and maintaining high standards in every sector of its field. This ethic has helped us facilitate the company into becoming one of the leading air ambulance transport services in the U.K. More information about the company is available at http://www.heathrowairambulance.com/airambulanceoperations.html.