European Air Ambulance Service HAA Expands Service

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service has announced that they are now offering safe medical flights with full medical support teams to any location across the globe.

European travelers who experience a medical emergency while traveling in anywhere can rest assured that there is now an air ambulance service that can transport them home with full medical support while en route to a European medical facility. Heathrow Air Ambulance Service (HAA) is a leading European air ambulance provider of medical flights and has been in business for more than 30 years. Heathrow Air Ambulance Service is now providing complete air ambulance services throughout Europe, in addition to any international location with its state of the art fleet of fixed wing aircraft.

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service provides first class bed-to-bed services for patients who are injured or ill and need to be transported to their home areas or to European medical facilities for treatment quickly and safely. The company has extended its flights throughout Europe to provide peace of mind and speedy, professional transportation back to the U.K. in critical situations when lives are on the line.

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service works with many European consulates and hospitals to provide medical air ambulance support when needed in the repatriation of foreign nationals to their homelands in cases where patients who are not local citizens are injured or ill but do not have the proper paperwork to stay in that country. Heathrow Air Ambulance Service works as a liaison between medical facilities and consulates to arrange for the international transportation of these foreign national patients to facilities in their home countries.

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service more than two decades of providing medical flights throughout the U.K. and internationally has established a stellar reputation as one of the leading medevac services in the world. The service provides medical transportation for ill or injured individuals, insurance companies, hospitals, military, and governmental embassies and agencies with its fleet of fixed wing jets. The London Heathrow based operation arranges ground transportation and delivers highly specialized care and medical equipment for successful transportation. Each plane is equipped similarly to an intensive care unit/emergency room, allowing specialized crews of registered nurses and critical care paramedics or other medical personnel to facilitate care for patients in need of urgent treatment, including organ transplants, cancer treatments, specialized surgery, burn care, advanced head trauma and spinal injuries, and other serious conditions that require critical air ambulance transportation.

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service is part of the wider Roebuck Air Services Group.It is also Registered & Licensed by the Care Quality Commission and Front Line (999) cover for NHS Ambulance Trusts's.

Full details of Heathrow Air Ambulance services can be obtained online at or by calling Int Tel: + 44 (0) 1753 654751or 0800 707 6788 in the U.K.