Heathrow Air Ambulance Service Promotes Its Private Ambulance Services

UK Private ambulance company is now spotlighting its many advanced life support methods that help patients in need.

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service, a company that specializes in providing private ambulance service in London and all over the UK, is highlighting its wide variety of advanced life support options designed to give patients the best medical transport possible. Available online at heathrowairambulance.com, the ambulance company is dedicated to serving its community using the latest proven technologies and trained, expert employees.

“At Heathrow Air Ambulance Service, we are committed to offering the community better London ambulance services that are also safe, reliable, and equipped with up-to-date medical devices. In addition to our basic life support, we also boast full advanced life support to help patients in more critical circumstances. With certified paramedics, high-tech ambulances, and additional fast response cars, Heathrow Air Ambulance Service can help Londoners save money while receiving premium care,” said Colin Walker-White, Operations Manager.

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service certified paramedics are licensed to drive and operate all Advanced Life Support, or ALS, ambulances. Outfitted with an inventory of life-saving equipment including automated non-invasive blood pressure monitors, intravenous medication transfusion pumps, external pacemakers, 12-lead cardiac monitors with external pacemaker and defibrillation capabilities, ventilators, pulse oximeters, and emergency medical/cardiac drugs – their ambulances follow all UK health regulations and are prepared to accommodate patients at quick notice.

One of the key components of each ALS ambulance is the Adult and Child Transport Ventilator (Oxylog 2000). The product’s alarms package provides premier patient care, with features that include variable sensitivity flow trigger, variable rise time, leak compensation, variable time termination, an NPPV mode, and high-pressure alarm delay. State-of-the-art equipment such as this one assures patients that they will receive the safest and most reliable medical transportation in London through Heathrow Air Ambulance Service.

Advanced life support fast response cars are also available and carry a full set of basic and advanced life support supplies in order to dispense the appropriate patient care expediently. The fast response cars allow paramedics to arrive at the scene before an ambulance is able to get there. This London private ambulance service helps to save lives and administer time-sensitive care to those in need. Those afflicted with altered mental states, shortness of breath, chest pain, or cardiac arrest may benefit the most from fast response car service.

To find out more about Heathrow Air Ambulance Service, contact the company by visiting it online at http://www.heathrowairambulance.com/private-ambulance-service.html or by calling UK only 0800 707 6788 or Int Tel: + 44 (0) 1753 654751 to speak with a service representative.