HealthMe Announces New Partnership With Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance

Largest Independently Owned Orthopedic Practice in Kansas City partners with HealthMe for Price Transparency and Digital Commerce and Compliance Strategy

HealthMe and the Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance (KCOA) announced today they have partnered to provide HealthMe's price transparency platform to help direct-pay patients access healthcare for an upfront, bundled price. Healthcare services available to direct payers include office visits, procedures and imaging studies via a digital marketplace and payment tool that mirrors the shopping experience seen in every other industry. Announced at the Free Market Medical Association conference in Kansas City, the partnership aligns with FMMA's rapidly growing community of physicians, self-funded employers, and others with a shared goal of promoting direct care models built on transparency, affordability, access and a better physician and patient experience.

Featuring six locations, more than 60 providers and the full spectrum of orthopedic services, KCOA entities have been leading providers of orthopedic services in the Kansas City area for close to 100 years. KCOA is committed to pursuing technologies that improve access, the delivery of care and outcomes for its patients. As part of these efforts, the partnership with HealthMe includes the latest digital technologies to help patients get access to the right care at the right price. In addition to providing a secure, patient-friendly payment platform, HealthMe automates the delivery of Good Faith Estimates (GFE) to direct-pay patients so they know the cost of their healthcare in advance. 

"With our continued growth and improved access points across the Kansas City area, we continue to add technology and tools to create a truly frictionless patient experience," commented Gene Austin, KCOA Chief Executive Officer. "Our new partnership with HealthMe enhances our ability to extend our services and long-term orthopedic solutions to even more of our community members.  The HealthMe platform layered on our clinical expertise helps create the type of care experience our patients deserve."

"We are committed to helping our clients deploy the most patient-friendly technologies that help remove the potential anxiety around the financial component of care. The posting of clear and transparent pricing coupled with convenient payment options has become a core component of the care experience for today's health consumer," commented Michael Having, M.D., HealthMe founder and CEO. "We are honored to have been selected by KCOA for this vital strategic initiative."

About HealthMe™

Price transparency experts and transformers of the patient payment experience, HealthMe's digital payment platform gives medical groups and practices a simple, proven solution to serve the growing population of direct-pay patients and health consumers. Founded and developed by doctors, HealthMe combines the best features of a consumer-friendly marketplace with the security of a specialized healthcare payment processing solution. With validated success in automating the process of Good Faith Estimates (GFEs), HealthMe is the first company to provide GFEs in 11 languages. HealthMe helps patients find the best cost-saving healthcare options while streamlining administrative processes for overburdened staff.

Source: HealthMe