Healthcare Outsourcing is Easier and Less Complicated Than Ever: Here's How to Benefit From It

Medical Data Summarization

Laura is having a hectic day, she is a paralegal assistant who needs to sift through a bundle of healthcare data for a case and encapsulate it in a precise and accurate manner. As Laura has never been assigned such a task before now, she has no idea what she is supposed to do, and the internet is proving to be no help either.

She decides to take help from her boss and ask the renowned attorney to guide her through the process. When she calls Mr. Williams, her boss, and a renowned workers’ compensation attorney, he asks her to not bother about healthcare data management but instead send the work to a healthcare outsourcing providing firm they usually hire.

This is the situation in scores of lawyer offices as more and more Americans are turning to healthcare outsourcing.

The Scope of Healthcare Outsourcing is Growing

The main reasons for the rise of healthcare outsourcing are constantly increasing regulatory compliance and a decline in bottom lines. Healthcare outsourcing solves both these problems as the outsourcing companies usually keep the regulatory compliance in mind and they charge less for the work, especially if the work is outsourced to an offshore company situated in a developing country like India.

A few years back, only the medical data entry and medical transcription related tedious tasks were outsourced. Now, even the crucial tasks like medical coding, medical summarization, medical underwriting, etc. are being outsourced.

The advantages of healthcare outsourcing include the following:

No Mistakes

As most healthcare outsourcing companies have quality check teams in place, there is no scope for any critical mistakes. Even if the underwriter makes a mistake, it will be highlighted by the QC team and sent back to the underwriter for correction.

No Training Costs

When the tedious work is outsourced to a healthcare outsourcing company located elsewhere, the US-based company saves itself from the hassle of organizing employee training as the outsourcing partner takes care of employee management and training activities.

Top Quality Results

When an attorney doesn’t have to worry about correctly coding the medical data, the attorney can put all energies into winning the case for the client and hence the quality of results increases.

Access to Expertise

The cost of hiring a medical coding expert is far higher in the US as compared to the cost of hiring an expert in India. So, when a US-based company hires an Indian expert for a specified time, the company gets access to all the knowledge and wisdom acquired by an Indian expert at a fraction of cost.

Core Business Focus

When a US-based company hires a reliable healthcare outsourcing company, it can be assured of quality work and hence has ample time to spare on crucial business management tasks. Even expansion becomes more of a reality rather than a dream because the business heads have the time to focus on the future rather than being tangled up in tedious tasks like medical data summarization.

Hiring the Right Healthcare Outsourcing Company is Becoming Difficult

Though there are many benefits of healthcare outsourcing, selecting one company from the hordes of companies claiming to be the best can be a challenge. The CEO of Win Healthcare, a leading medical data outsourcing company recently highlighted a few factors that must be kept in mind while choosing a healthcare outsourcing firm.

Highlighting Customer Service as a key component of the decision-making process, the CEO of Win Healthcare said “When choosing a healthcare outsourcing company, the focus should be on contacting a firm that has exceptional customer service. The customer service team should be willing to provide updates regarding the status of work and how soon will it be completed. It should also answer all the queries satisfactorily and be available 24 by 7.”

Explaining that efficiency should be other choosing criteria, the CEO of Win Healthcare added “When selecting the right healthcare outsourcing company, the focus must be on hiring a company that has streamlined processes in place to help swiftly complete a task. The company must also focus on cutting costs by letting go of redundant processes and investing in state-of-the-art technologies. Remember, the lower the operating costs, the lower would be the fee charged for each service.”

Sharing that Quality Control and its enhancement matters too, the CEO of Win Healthcare said “The healthcare outsourcing company must update its quality control criteria by keeping up with the industry updates. For instance, it should know about the ever-changing medical coding and HIPAA regulations to ensure there are no mistakes. It should also train the staff on new technologies and trends to keep them giving their best at all times.”

Elaborating that a customized approach also matters, the CEO of Win Healthcare said “The healthcare outsourcing company also needs to be willing to get the results expected from it from day one. It should be eager to modify its systems and internal processes to suit the client needs. The company must align its goals with the client’s company to ensure that the results are up to the mark.”

Discussing the steps that need to be taken to find the right fit, the CEO of Win Healthcare said “Before finalizing the deal with a healthcare outsourcing provider, make sure that all the previous references are checked, and previous clients of the service provider attest to the quality. Don’t just believe what the outsourcing company says, do some digging to ensure that consistent results are delivered.”

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