Heal the Earth Through the Arts Foundation Joins Miami Rescue Mission to Help Abused and Homeless Women

Girlfriends 4 Girlfriends and CoverGirls raise funds via a gala to increase awareness to help Women and Children coming out of Domestic Violence and Homelessness. Heal the Earth through the Arts Foundation was on hand to support this wonderful event.

Dr. Farshchian with LianNavarro, Chairperson of "Unmask the Masquerade" evening Gala

Heal the Earth Through the Arts Foundation, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and funds for the underprivileged, was honored to support and attend the "Unmask the Masquerade Ball" this past Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. The event was hosted by The Caring Place (formerly known as Miami Rescue Mission) and Girlfriends 4 Girlfriends and CoverGirls. The gala raised funds and awareness to help Women and Children coming out of Domestic Violence and Homelessness with mentoring and affordable housing. "These women and children reside in our centers and have suffered physically and emotionally. Approximately 38 million women suffer domestic abuse annually and 1/4 of all women go through some domestic violence during their lifetime. Funds raised will help place these women in affordable housing," said Lian Navarro, Gala Chairperson.

Girlfriends 4 Girlfriends are a tremendous group of women who want to help single women and women with children attain safe and affordable housing. Perhaps the biggest hurdle for women graduating our programs is to find safe housing. G4G is raising funds for various housing projects.

Cover Girls are a tremendous group of women who want to help single women and women with children break the cycle of abuse, neglect, and homelessness. Cover Girls are mentors who give of their time, talent, and treasure to help women in the greatest of need.

Since 1922 the Miami Rescue Mission, now known as The Caring Place, has served the homeless and needy of South Florida. Our Broward Outreach Centers were first established in 1992. Our Miami-Dade and Broward Centers serve over 1,300 men, women, and children each day. There are approximately 800 people enrolled in our residential life-changing programs. At the heart of these decades of serving those in the greatest need are our core values.

Heal The Earth Through Arts Foundation, established in 2017 by Dr. AJ Farshchian, is a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness and funds for the underprivileged.  The Funds are raised via live telethons on Facebook and by supporting and attending the events hosted by The Caring Place, formerly known as Miami Rescue Mission. Heal the Earth through the Arts Foundation has helped serve over 10,000 meals to the homeless.

"This was a joyous occasion for us to help the community and helping women get back on their feet with their families," exclaimed Founder of Heal the Earth, Dr. AJ Farshchian.

Bernardo Lessa-Bastos, Marketing & Development Director is very grateful to Ms. Marilyn Brummitt. "We are very fortunate and blessed to be able to assist these strong women in a time of need, and a big thank you to Ms. Brummitt for letting Heal the Earth be a part of it!"

For more information, please contact Mari Barba at Heal the Earth 305-891-4687.

Source: Heal The Earth Through the Arts Foundation


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