Heal the Earth Prepares Medicine to Be Brought to Cuba

Heal the Earth makes progress obtaining medicine to be brought to Cuba and serve the people in need.

Dr. Farshchian, the acting Director of Heal the Earth, showcases Rx for Cuba

This week, the Heal the Earth Foundation continues to progress with its "Rx for Cuba" tour. Thanks to the capital raised at the first two shows, the foundation was able to purchase Ibuprofen in bulk to send to Cuba. While packing the bags with the Ibuprofen, Dr. Farshchian said, "It's unfortunate that we physically have to bring this medicine by hand to Cuba because of the lack of shipping services into the country and the concern that the Cuban government will take the luggage away if we check in the bag. So we fly to Cuba with the medicine as a carry-on." These bags are being flown into Cuba by a Heal the Earth representative. They are hand-delivered to ensure they are given to the right people. The products, in this case Ibuprofen, will be given directly to the people in need. Kristen Carranza, the Associate Director of Heal the Earth, said, "Having these bags packed with medicine so quickly after our first couple of shows makes me optimistic for the future fundraising we have planned. We are making a huge effort to help people in need, and I'm so glad to see the progress we've been making thus far." 

There are four more fundraising events this month presented by Heal the Earth. August 5 at Bay 13 Brewery in Coral Gables, August 6 at Shipwreckers Bar in Fort Lauderdale, August 20 at Kelly Brothers Irish Pub in Fort Lauderdale, and August 27 at Selina Gold Dust in Miami. All shows begin at 8:00 p.m. For more information, please visit healtheearth.us and follow us on Instagram @healtheearthfoundation. 

Source: Heal the Earth