HeadBox's Latest Lead Feed Software Update is Helping Venues Secure Their Ideal Events

The recent product update for HeadBox's Lead Feed now allows venues to easily find the leads they want through an advanced new filtering system.


According to the leading event tech platform, HeadBox, the latest update to their Lead Feed software enables venues to filter their feed by location, day of the week and minimum spends. The new update will allow function venues Sydney wide to fill their event schedules and increase revenue during the peak season.

Streamlining the process for Sydney venue hire, HeadBox explains that Lead Feed allows teams to be more efficient, with greater visibility and control to maximise their event schedules. 

The recent product update features six new filter attributes including location, weekday and minimum spend per head, enabling function rooms Sydney wide to tailor their feed to suit their needs. Rather than only having one set of preferences that filter out either too many or too few leads, HeadBox explains that venues can create and manage multiple filters, giving them greater flexibility. Venues can also easily switch between the filters, meaning less wasted time looking at irrelevant leads on their live feed.

Now with customisable notifications, any function room Sydney wide can activate alerts per filter which can then be sent to specific venue team members, who will be notified instantly when their ideal brief is uploaded. Helping venues to stay ahead of the competition, HeadBox explains that instant notifications sent to multiple team members can ensure a venue is the first to respond to fresh leads, increasing their chances of securing the booking. 

In an increasingly competitive landscape, HeadBox says venues can't afford to be reactive and Lead Feed enables them to be more proactive as they work to fill up their event schedule. Additionally, the platform generates greater brand awareness, putting an event space in front of those searching for venue hire Sydney wide. 

To learn more about how Lead Feed puts the power back in the venue's hands, allowing them to source the right leads when they need them, contact HeadBox.

Source: HeadBox