HeadBox Supporting Australian Venues Rebuild Event Schedules by Providing Reliable Leads

As the events industry continues its post-pandemic rebound, leading event technology platform HeadBox provides a consistent source of qualified leads.

HeadBox Melbourne

According to the premier event technology platform HeadBox, gaining access to qualified leads helps to ensure growth for event spaces Melbourne-wide. With HeadBox's Lead Feed software, venues can put forward their function spaces to leads they want.

As a whole, the events industry is optimistic about 2022, with a diverse lineup of virtual, hybrid and in-person events on the calendar, as organisers continue to experiment and find the mix that works for them. HeadBox explains that one of the most important factors in the ongoing recovery of the industry is gaining access to reliable leads.

Lead Feed puts qualified leads at the fingertips of venues, giving them access to a live feed of relevant leads and the ability to book them commission-free. Rather than waiting for leads to come to them, venues are able to be proactive about lead generation, says HeadBox.

Additionally, Lead Feed helps venues generate brand awareness, getting their name out to new audiences they otherwise might not have had access to. Lead Feed also enables venues to use filters to cut through the noise, saving time on interacting with leads that may not offer suitable opportunities for the venue.

By providing instant notifications, venues are notified of new leads enabling them to stay ahead of the competition by being the first to respond to fresh leads and increasing their chances of securing the booking, explains HeadBox. Venues also gain access to insights which allow them to track their Lead Feed performance, with all the key metrics and analytics they need to succeed in one easy-to-access place. 

With the ability to create templated messages, Lead Feed allows venues to reach more leads and open more opportunities in a matter of minutes. If a guest is interested in the venue, the venue then receives their contact details directly, so they can secure the booking their way, says HeadBox.

Already trusted by many function venues Melbourne-wide, HeadBox is leading the way in supporting venues as they rebuild their event schedules in the post-pandemic climate. 

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Source: HeadBox Australia