Harvey Blackwood Reports May Rejects Brexit Treaty Draft

Harvey Blackwood comments as May refuses to support EU commission's proposed Brexit plan.

​British Prime Minister, Theresa May says she will not, under any circumstances, approve of the draft Brexit agreement put forward by the European Union earlier this week. Harvey Blackwood analysts believe that this could indicate a potential breakdown in Brexit negotiations.

The EU commission’s very detailed draft laying out its proposal for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, was impossible for May to approve due to several points covering a proposed custom check at Britain’s land border with Ireland. The EU commission’s draft proposed that Northern Ireland stays within the customs union of the EU but May stands firm on wanting the whole of the United Kingdom to withdraw from the customs union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

Even with only a year to go until Britain leaves the EU, May insisted that the European Commission’s proposed plan would damage the integrity of the UK economy and its constitution and that the country could never support it.

Harvey Blackwood analysts say that while May battles Brussels, her room to maneuver is being badly affected by her small majority in Parliament where she faces opponents on both ends of the Brexit issue.

Those opponents who would prefer to maintain closer ties with the EU are gaining popularity and are supporting legislation that would keep the UK in the European customs union that could potentially defeat her.

Harvey Blackwood analysts say that such pro-EU policymakers may be spurred by a statement by the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier which stated that keeping the UK in a customs union would be a solid way to deal with the issue of the Irish border.

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Source: Harvey Blackwood