Hardy Diagnostics Releases New Mass Spectrometer for Use in Non-Clinical Applications


Hardy Diagnostics, in collaboration with Autobio™, recently launched the Hardy Diagnostics Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionized Time of Flight instrument, otherwise known as MALDI-TOF. The Autof MS 1000 provides high-speed identification and taxonomical classification of bacteria, yeasts, and filamentous fungi based on proteomic fingerprinting, with a database of approximately 5,000 species of microorganisms. This launch is an example of the diversification of Hardy Diagnostics' product portfolio and further development of instrumentation for use in microbiology labs.

Andre Hsiung, Chief Scientific Officer at Hardy Diagnostics, oversaw the project's development. "We are very proud of our partnership with Autobio™ and the introduction of this technology to Hardy's instrumentation offering. Initially, introduction will be made to markets that do not require FDA's 510(k) clearance, while our regulatory team works on the studies pursuant to the clearance process." Jay Hardy, Hardy Diagnostics Chief Executive Officer stated, "We are very excited to add the MALDI Autof MS 1000 to our lineup of instruments to streamline the processes for microbiologists." Hardy Diagnostics has previously introduced automated Gram stain and automated Hematology stain instruments, as well as air sampling, automated serial dilution, and automated plate reading instrumentation.

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