New Settle Plate Stands for Environmental Monitoring of Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

New TRIO.SETTLE stands, from Hardy Diagnostics, to standardize passive microbial air monitoring.

Hardy Diagnostics announces new TRIO.SETTLE stands, specially designed for passive microbial air monitoring. Hardy Diagnostics is an ISO 13485 certified, FDA licensed manufacturer, providing solutions to support microbiology testing and regulatory compliance requirements.

TRIO.SETTLE stands, fabricated with AISI 316 stainless steel, are available in floor and table formats. They accommodate an open culture plate and lid to provide a standardized and aseptic sampling process, mitigating contamination during sampling. This new stand facilitates the correct positioning of settling plates for the counting of viable particles in the cleanroom atmosphere. The ability to position the agar surface related to the position of unidirectional air flow, avoiding laminar flow turbulence, make the TRIO.SETTLE an ideal cleanroom accessory.

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