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HAPPYneuron, Inc., a France-based publisher of cognitive therapy tools, is a leading market force driving the idea of patient-based cognitive activities towards a convenient online future. Their offering, HappyNeuron Pro, is a multi-tiered, online hub of various exercises, tasks, and activities that work in conjunction with a medical professional’s patient treatment program. And as one of the top providers in this unique vertical, they have helped legitimize an online convenience for mental stimulation tools beneficial for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, and private practices.

What HappyNeuron Pro solves isn’t just an issue of accessing quality cognitive therapy exercises, but provides a full-service, online experience. This means the package comes with tools that help professionals change difficulty levels, monitor patient activity, assign “homework,” and visualize the overall performance of their patients.

HappyNeuron Pro stretches over a wide collection of functionalities, to facilitate cognitive rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation. As tools, the bundle of tasks can be applied to physician programs to help patients overcome disabilities, improve specific cognitive deficits, or recover lost abilities. Overall, the program’s activities encompass various backgrounds and medical conditions associated with cognitive impairments.

Medical professionals can help treat patients with issues in executive functions (reasoning and strategizing), visual-spatial abilities, language, attention, and memory. There are over 40 different therapy exercises that target these specific areas of mental settings, and their team of medically-certified professionals are continuously researching more.

With the future of the digital age in mind, having a far reach is important to HappyNeuron. Having that idea, HappyNeuron Pro is readily available in six different languages--English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, and Russian-- and as a web-based platform, is accessible through any laptop, desktop, or mobile device. It’s everything in one, research-backed exercises and total client control over their patients’ progress.

Medical facilities, clinicians, or therapists seeking the next generation of online cognitive assistance, should look towards HappyNeuron Pro. If any professionals wish to support their patient treatment programs, then visit HappyNeuron Pro’s site today and discover what their cognitive remediation therapy exercises can offer.

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