Hanna Interpreting Services Secures 6th Fastest-Growing Language Service Provider in Nimdzi 100 Rankings

Top 10 fastest-growing language service providers

Hanna Interpreting Services LLC proudly announces a milestone achievement in the global language services market, as recognized in the prestigious 2024 Nimdzi 100 rankings. The company has been honored as the 6th fastest-growing language service provider globally, boasting an impressive 32% annual growth rate, and is now ranked as the 93rd largest provider worldwide, 28th largest LSP, and the 17th largest interpretation service provider in the U.S.

This significant growth is largely attributed to expanded contracts across government sectors, healthcare, social services, and broadening geographical coverage for on-site interpreting. The achievement highlights Hanna Interpreting Services' commitment to excellence and ability to adapt and expand in a dynamically changing industry.

Tom Elias Hanna, Co-Founder and President of Hanna Interpreting Services, expressed his excitement about the recognition: "Being named among the top providers on such a respected platform not only validates our strategic direction but also reinforces our commitment to providing top-notch language services. Our growth is a testament to our dedicated team and their relentless pursuit of bridging communication barriers across communities."

The company's rise in the Nimdzi 100 rankings from its previous position demonstrates its increasing influence and success in the competitive language services market. The ranking reflects comprehensive analysis by Nimdzi Insights, a leading authority in global language services market research, underscoring Hanna Interpreting Services' notable performance in revenue growth and market expansion.

As Hanna Interpreting Services continues to excel, it remains dedicated to its mission of enhancing communication for non-English speaking individuals in critical settings such as healthcare and public services. The company is committed to pushing forward with innovations that meet the evolving needs of its diverse client base, ensuring every individual they serve can communicate effectively, irrespective of language barriers.

For more information about Hanna Interpreting Services and its services, visit hannais.com.

About Hanna Interpreting Services LLC

Hanna Interpreting Services LLC is a premier provider of interpreting and translation services across over 250 languages. Founded by Jennifer Hanna and her son Tom Elias Hanna in response to growing language service needs, the company has grown to employ over 3,000 interpreters and translators, providing essential services in healthcare, education, and public services, helping to foster clearer communication and better lives for non-English speakers nationwide.

Source: Hanna Interpreting Services LLC

About Hanna Interpreting Services

Hanna is a woman and minority-owned business committed to providing efficient and comprehensive language services. Based in the vibrant city of San Diego, California, Hanna is dedicated to providing exceptional language services that bring peace of mind to clients and their customers across the country. With a strong focus on meeting the needs of individuals with Limited English Proficiency, Hanna ensures a seamless experience and language access for all.

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