Hanna Interpreting Services Named Fourth Largest Company Globally for On-Site Interpretation

2023 has been a remarkable year for the independent language service provider.

CSA Research Top 20 On-Site Interpreting Award

Hanna Interpreting Services, a prominent language service provider, has been named the fourth largest provider of On-Site Interpretation (OSI) by CSIA Research. This prestigious recognition highlights the company's dedication to providing superior language services and its commitment to excellence in the field of interpretation.

On-site interpretation, a key service offered by Hanna Interpreting Services, plays a crucial role in various sectors, including healthcare, legal, education, and business. This service is especially important in scenarios where the nuances of face-to-face communication, including cultural subtleties and non-verbal cues, are essential. On-site interpreters from Hanna Interpreting Services bring a combination of linguistic expertise and cultural understanding to each assignment, ensuring clear and effective communication.

Beyond OSI, Hanna Interpreting Services offers a broad range of language solutions. These include video and telephone remote interpreting, document translation, and language consultancy services. Their remote interpreting solutions are designed for situations requiring immediate language assistance, while their document translation services cover a wide array of industries, delivering precise and culturally relevant translations.

The company's approach to language services is marked by a continuous drive for innovation, incorporating the latest technologies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has positioned Hanna Interpreting Services as a leader in the language services industry.

The recognition by CSIA Research is not just an accolade for Hanna Interpreting Services but a testament to the importance of bridging language barriers in today's globalized world. Hanna Interpreting Services remains dedicated to facilitating seamless communication across diverse languages and cultures.

For more information about Hanna Interpreting Services and their offerings, please visit www.HannaIS.com. The company also invites linguists interested in joining their team to learn more about the application process at www.hlsp.pub/jobs.

Source: Hanna Interpreting Services

About Hanna Interpreting Services

Hanna is a woman and minority-owned business committed to providing efficient and comprehensive language services. Based in the vibrant city of San Diego, California, Hanna is dedicated to providing exceptional language services that bring peace of mind to clients and their customers across the country. With a strong focus on meeting the needs of individuals with Limited English Proficiency, Hanna ensures a seamless experience and language access for all.

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