Handwash Reminder Utilized In IHOP Restaurnats

An infection prevention device (Handwash Reminder)gets installed in IHOP Restaurants as a way to help enforce hand washing.

Hand-washing seems to be the biggest thing now. With so many viruses being contracted and spread from hand contact, the best thing to do is wash your hands. IHOP Restaurant has taken this into consideration and decided to step up their efforts to enforce hand washing.

The Handwash Reminder is an infection prevention device that activates by motion and says "Please, don't forget to wash your hands" each time a person passes the motion sensor. "Enforcing hand washing is not an easy thing to do, which is why we decided to use the Handwash Reminder." Since they first tested out the Handwash Reminder, they have noticed a significant increase in soap and towel usage. Their employees are even repeating the phrase in the establishment, which means its working.

Now IHOP has continued to purchase these devices and are installing them county by county in its efforts to enforce hand washing and prevent the spread of viruses in their establishments. The restaurants guests are finding that the device encourages hand washing in a friendly and effective manner.
IHOP managers are also installing the Handwash Reminders in their kitchens to ensure that all kitchen personnel keep their hands clean. They want to ensure that no one contracts Norovirus (stomach bug) from their establishments and want to encourage hand washing as much as possible, throughout the entire establishment. When the employees are repeating the phrase to each other, you know its working.

"It's good to know that some restaurants are encouraging hand washing and creating a healthier environment for their patrons and employees. To know that our device is helping encourage hand washing means it is worth it. No one enjoys being sick" Danny Pratts - CEO of Pratts Creative Ideas, LLC, developers of the Handwash Reminder.