Handwash Reminder Takes A Cruise on Royal Caribbean

Infection prevention is critical now and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is taking precautionary measures with the Handwash Reminder, an infection prevention device.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has been purchasing the Handwash Reminder for almost a year now. The Infection Prevention Device has been capturing the interest of the major cruise line since 2010 and now is traveling overseas into United Kingdom. Last month the Cruise Line Giant ordered more Handwash Reminders for its overseas operation in England.

Pratts Creative Ideas, LLC is honored to have its product on-board Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and is working together to help prevent the spread of viruses such as the Norovirus and others on its ships. Presently no other cruise line is offering a better way to enforce hand washing to their staff and the public.

The owners of Pratts Creative Ideas, LLC want to help the public prevent the spread of these viruses by listening to its automatic reminder and enforcing hand washing. The infection prevention device works by motion sensor and activates a pre recorded message that says "Please, don't forget to wash your hands." The device is much more effective than traditional hand washing signs and only activates when a person passes the motion sensor. You may be able to ignore a sign, but you can't ignore a voice.

"We are pleased to be working with large companies like Royal Caribbean and expect to continue to be seen in places like hospitals, schools and so on. The fact is, the more you wash your hands, the less of a chance you have of contracting or spreading viruses and diseases."