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Seeker Season: High Holiday Guidebook For the Curious & Courageous

​The team behind Haggadot.com, the not-for-profit, crowdsourced haggadah-making platform, has announced the launch of a dedicated microsite for the High Holiday season. Designed around at-home rituals, HighHolidaysAtHome.com is a brand-new platform, democratizing the holidays by making them accessible for everyone, even in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

HighHolidaysAtHome.com invites visitors to bring their whole selves and beloved traditions into homes for a season of celebration. The site features ready-to-download Rosh Hashanah seders, Yom Kippur rituals, Sukkot ceremonies, home altar instructions and more. Visitors can also mix and match blessings, songs, prayers, art and videos to craft a personalized experience that reflects their Jewish values and spiritual practice. 

“We’re hopeful that the constraints we face this year will ultimately enable radical shifts in our Jewish practice,” said Eileen Levinson, founder and Executive Creative Director of Haggadot.com. “Each of us is now the designer and director for our own spiritual experience, and our team is excited to use our expertise and technology to empower everyone.”

In the early days of the pandemic, more than 400,000 people turned to Haggadot.com to find a way to celebrate a Passover seder, even when far away from family. Site traffic tripled from previous years as Jews around the world created and downloaded customized haggadot for their virtual seders. Now, the Haggadot.com team is bringing its expertise in blending new technology with ancient traditions to the High Holidays.

Visitors to HighHolidaysAtHome.com are also invited to join webinars offering a collection of DIY rituals such as writing personalized liturgy and creating a ritual life planner. Register for upcoming webinars and watch recordings of past sessions here: https://highholidaysathome.com/blog/HHDWebinars.

The site offers resources contributed by a diverse community of creators. It recently published Seeker Season: A Guide To The High Holidays For The Curious & Courageous, featuring illustrations by Jessica Tamar Deutsch. Several rituals focused on healing have been shared from The Blue Dove Foundation, an organization committed to addressing issues of mental health and addiction in the Jewish community.

Changing the narrative around who gets to participate in our community has been a key focus for Haggadot.com. “Too often, concerns about financial barriers and physical barriers mean some people are left out of the High Holiday experience,” said Rebecca Missel, Director of Partnerships and Operations at Haggadot.com. “This year, everyone is on equal footing. We are all celebrating at home, together.”

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Haggadot.com is part of Custom & Craft, a nonprofit design lab using technology, art and new media to imagine new formats for engaging with ancient traditions. Founded in 2011, our online platforms make home-based Jewish ritual accessible, meaningful and diverse – giving individuals of all faith backgrounds the tools to create for themselves and to discover the other creators in their community. ​

Rebecca Missel, Director of Partnerships, Haggadot.com 

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Haggadot.com is a project of Custom & Craft, a nonprofit design lab using technology to imagine new formats for ancient traditions. Founded in 2011, we make home-based Jewish ritual accessible and meaningful for people of all faith backgrounds.