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Easy-to-use site offers personalized storytelling, inspiring webinars for second pandemic Passover

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With eight days until Passover, expects more than 500,000 users to create their own Passover Haggadot for use at Passover's celebratory meal, the seder. (Haggadah - plural: Haggadot - is a booklet that tells the story of Passover.) Users start with a basic Haggadah text and can add any of's more than 84,000 clips representing diverse lenses on the holiday and its themes: from social justice to climate justice, from rape culture to pop culture, from LGBTQ+ to JOCs (Jews of Color), from interfaith to immigration, from human rights to mental health and beyond.

"Passover is a holiday of storytelling and interpretation," said Founder and Executive Director Eileen Levinson. "With, users can link their passions and perspectives to the Passover story, and create a uniquely personal, creative and meaningful seder experience."

The site also hosted free webinars meant to engage users in thoughtful planning of their seder experience, and to push boundaries. How to Host a Seder in 2021 outlines the basics, and Save Seder with Lab/Shul & Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie was a partnership between the God-optional Jewish spiritual community Lab/Shul and One upcoming webinar, Centering the Experiences of Jews of Color (Monday, March 22, 6 p.m. Eastern) features Shekhiynah Larks from Be'chol Lashon sharing Passover resources centering Jews of Color, racial justice and inclusion. And Breaking the Rules offers ways to bend or break traditional rules toward constructing personal meaning for 2021. 

"Just because the rabbis of the Talmud may have done things doesn't mean that we have to follow their precise path," said Levinson. "Our lives and experiences are different, and we want everyone to feel they understand the Passover seder and are empowered to make choices."

While the site is not an advocate for Christian seders, the Christian Seders: Embracing Our Shared History and Understanding Jewish Pain webinar offers a candid look, challenges to Jewish tradition, and their value for building empathy. (Registration links and links to recorded webinars are here.) also offers ready-to-use collections of clips, including:

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For more information on any of these programs or about, contact: Rebecca Missel, Director of Partnerships and Operations: or 410-274-3010.


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