Offers Advice on Installing Gym Flooring Over Carpet

Home Gym Flooring Can Be Installed Over Carpet with StayLock Modular Tiles

StayLock Home Gym Flooring Over Carpet

Most gym flooring requires a hard, level, flat subsurface to lay it on. Carpet is a little bit trickier, as it can pose problems underneath certain types of gym flooring. 

Trouble With Carpet 

Ultimately, carpet lacks the foundation and support needed underneath many types of gym flooring. Because carpet is typically soft with some cushion, laying rubber or foam gym flooring over carpeting causes the flooring to sink at the seams. This causes tiles and mats to disconnect from one another. In addition, the nature of the carpet also makes it easier for tiles to slip and slide around. With unstable tiles, the risk of twisting an ankle or falling increases. 

Dense Carpet 

There is one exception. If you have a firm carpet with a dense ply, then your gym flooring options are expanded. Although not typically recommended on top of carpet, foam and rubber flooring will do just fine if the carpet is dense enough. Check in with a flooring expert to determine what kind of flooring options may work over the dense carpet. 

Interlocking-Tile Solutions 

Fortunately, having carpet does not exclude the possibility of having gym flooring put in. For one of the best solutions for putting in a gym floor over the carpet, consider a fabulous carpet-safe interlocking tile. 

StayLock Tiles 

The top interlocking tile to use over carpet is the StayLock tile. StayLock tiles were specifically designed to provide fatigue relief for athletes doing aerobic activities. Not only do they provide safety and support for athletes, but they protect sub-flooring from weights and equipment as well.

StayLock home gym tiles can be used directly over carpeting without presenting a danger to the carpet or the athlete. Made of soft PVC, these tiles are flexible and pliable. Because they are on a foot system, they elevate the workout surface and provide great cushion. 

They also provide excellent airflow beneath the tiles. This makes them great for damp areas such as basements. StayLock tiles are non-absorbent and extremely easy to clean and maintain. All it takes is a quick sweep or a damp mop to keep tiles fresh and clean. 

Other Options 

To read more about carpet-safe solutions, check out the Top Three Types of Carpet-Safe Home Gym Flooring. There, you can learn about folding mats, roll-out mats, and other carpet-safe interlocking tiles: all great options for carpet-safe flooring. Or, for more on this topic, review the Gym Floors product page at Gym Rubber.

For more on this topic, please review our Home Gym Flooring product page.


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