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PaviGym Motion Group Fitness Floor

When it comes to the fitness and health club industry, flooring is a big deal. The type of activities being performed often have unique requirements for optimal performance on the flooring surface. That's why has now added the PaviGym Flooring line to its arsenal.

With this addition, gym flooring goes far beyond the traditional rubber stall mats or even rolled rubber flooring that was so common in gyms of the past. While those still have their places, this gives health club owners the opportunity to customize their workout spaces to optimize for cardio exercises, free weight strength training, yoga and pilates with high-quality rubber flooring.

This customized approach not only equips athletes with the tools they need to maximize the effectiveness and performance of their workouts but helps protect the existing flooring of gyms while giving the owners more control over the look and feel of their gyms.

To top it off, they can put their focus on what matters most to them, whether it's tractions, smell, vibration, look, sound or cleanliness.



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