GVS and RestoringVision Bring Clear Eyesight to Guatemala


Earlier this year, General Vision Services (GVS) partnered with non-profit RestoringVision to improve vision across the globe. Together we created the “See Well, Do Good” program, which donates a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need every time a GVS member uses their vision benefits.

As a vision benefits provider serving over 3 million union, HMO and corporate members, GVS has a proud history of helping people see. Similarly, RestoringVision has improved vision globally by distributing glasses worldwide. Since 2003 the non-profit has donated over 7.5 million glasses to people in 124 countries, and now GVS is helping to expand those efforts.

"The glasses have been a great help," Fernando said. "It's like having good vision again, like having young eyes again."

Fernando, Guatemalan Electrician

GVS’ CEO, Myles Lewis, expressed enthusiasm in the partnership, saying, “Giving the gift of sight is such a generous, meaningful thing to do. Just by caring for their own eye health, our members can change the lives of those in need.”

We recently took the “See Well, Do Good” program to Guatemala, distributing nearly 100,000 pairs of glasses. Many elderly recipients who previously relied on their grandchildren's eyesight to perform basic tasks are now self-reliant. Providing independence to the elderly enables children to return to school and continue their education.

The success of our program is also evident through the positive impact experienced by the working population. Local electrician, Fernando, was overjoyed with his renewed vision. Before receiving his new glasses Fernando lived with chronic eyestrain due to the precision required for his job. “The glasses have been a great help,” Fernando said. “It’s like having good vision again, like having young eyes again.”

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General Vision Services

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