Guided by Motto 'Cybersecurity is a Team Sport,' Sera-Brynn's New Fractional CISO Service Takes Off

There's a need for coordinated, cohesive teams of cyber talent.

Sera-Brynn FCISO Team

Sera-Brynn, LLC, a global leader in cybersecurity compliance and risk management, launched a new service in 2019: the Fractional Chief Information Security Officer (FCISO). Sera-Brynn believes the popularity of the FCISO service is due to the cybersecurity skill set scarcity and high stress levels attributed to the constant cyber threat.

A FCISO model helps companies build a long-term alliance with an outsourced cyber team and allows a company access to a wide array of skills not typically found in hiring a single person to fill the role. The FCISO team supports the evolution of the company’s cybersecurity program and can rapidly provide technical support in the event of a data breach. Having certified incident response professionals on contract in the event of a data breach is becoming industry standard in some market sectors.

“You don’t necessarily have to spend more on cybersecurity. You have to be more effective with your investment,” stated Rob Hegedus, Sera-Brynn CEO.  “More strategy, more resources, less stress. That is what the FCISO service model offers,” added Hegedus.

Typical FCISO services include strategic planning sessions, table top exercises, network architecture assistance, and periodic risk and vulnerability assessments. Harder-to-find cyber skill sets are included on the FCISO team, such as incident response and forensics, cyber threat hunting, certified FedRAMP assessors, and expertise in complex regulatory frameworks.

About Sera-Brynn: Sera-Brynn is a global leader in providing cybersecurity compliance audit and advisory services. Founded in 2011 by former members of the U.S. intelligence community, Sera-Brynn partners with some of the world's most respected and recognized brands to help them interpret and meet cybersecurity regulatory requirements. In 2018, Sera-Brynn was ranked #4 on the Black Book Research list of global cybersecurity compliance firms.​

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