Gui'an New Area, a Rising Star in Southwest China

Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area from China is introducing the New Area Gui'an to the public for investment opportunties.

Map of Gui'an New Area

​Gui’an New Area is located in the core district of Guizhou Province’s central economic zone and the center of the adjoining region between Guiyang City and Anshun City. Planned area of Gui’an New Area is 1,795 square metres, including 470 square metres under direct supervision of the provincial government. The current population in the area is 730,000.

Gui’an New Area boasts the following key advantages.

1. Convenient transportation. Guizhou Province is the hub of the thoroughfare for Southwest China to the sea (starting from Chongqing Municipality to Guangdong Province) and an important passage between China and ASEAN countries. Specifically, Gui’an New Area is an important comprehensive transportation center in Southwest China and the transit node connecting Chengdu City (Sichuan Province) & Chongqing, the Pearl River Delta, the Changjiang River Delta and the ASEAN Free Trade Area.

2. Excellent ecological environment. Altitude in Gui’an New Area decreases from the west to the east and averages out at 1,200 metres. Featured by diversified terrains and landforms, stable geological structure and flat terrain, the area is a comfortable zone with pleasant climate (annual average temperature: 12.8~16.2℃) and fresh air. Wetlands, surface river basins, natural landscape areas and forest areas account for 24%, 80%, 24% and 42% of its total area, respectively.

Such a good environment makes Gui’an New Area a natural ideal site for developing health industry.

3. Rich tourism resources. There are plenty of natural and cultural resources in Gui’an New Area and surrounding areas. The area is located in a world-class golden tourism zone—17 national parks of China (including geological parks and forest parks), 5 important monuments under the state protection and 2 historical and cultural towns of China—which grants it outstanding advantages to become a tourism distribution centre in Guizhou..

As stated in the Overall Plan for Gui’an New Area of Guizhou Province, Gui’an New Area is positioned to be a new national demonstration area of inland opening-up economy, an experimental area of innovation development, a concentrated area of high-end services, an international leisure tourist area and a leading area in ecological civilization construction. Dedicated to promoting the development of the area, the provincial party committee and government of Guizhou have put forward specific goals to be finished in certain time periods: development framework to come out in one year; primary achievements to be realized in two years; public image and recognition to be built up in three years; advanced development to be obtained in five years. The ultimate aim is to develop Gui’an New Area into a key driving force behind Guizhou’s development and a unique first-class urban new district.

Gui’an New Area has also received great concern from the central leadership. During his visit to Gui’an New Area, Premier Li Keqiang proposed developing the area into a modern boomtown within 10 years.

Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui’an New Area


Source: Investment Promotion Bureau of Gui'an New Area


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