Guardsquare Announces Major Mid-Year Release

Guardsquare, the global reference in mobile application protection, is proud to present the latest releases of its application hardening software for the Android and the iOS platform. DexGuard (Android) and iXGuard (iOS) provide all-round protection against reverse engineering, tampering and hacking. The mid-year release reflects Guardsquare’s commitment to continue to offer the most advanced security features to its customers.

“The mobile security landscape is continuously evolving. We are working hard to stay on top of the latest evolutions and offer our customers the best possible protection for their mobile applications,” says Heidi Rakels, CEO of Guardsquare.

iXGuard 3.0 (iOS)

The latest release of iXGuard contains crucial new security features that protect the integrity of iOS applications at runtime and monitor the integrity of the environment in which they are running. iXGuard now detects and prevents attempts to modify the behavior of applications through hooking and method swizzling. It also enables applications to react in a pre-programmed way if they are being executed in a potentially harmful environment, such as a jailbroken device or a debugger. On top of that, iXGuard 3.0 includes important improvements to existing code hardening features, such as control flow obfuscation and string encryption.

DexGuard 8.2 (Android)

The latest version of DexGuard offers extended tamper detection. It can the monitor the integrity of the APK and the integrity of any specified file. DexGuard 8.2 also offers hardened native library loading on top of the native library encryption it already provided. Finally, DexGuard 8.2 now has a plugin mechanism for external JavaScript obfuscators. Besides these new security features, the latest version of DexGuard includes many usability improvements, such as the ability to automatically generate consumer rules for libraries.

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