GTDW-Luna Global Networks to Launch Anti-Illicit Trade Alliance in Shanghai, China Global Trade Development Week, 2-4 July 2018

Brand Protection: Why Countering Illicit Trade and Promoting Market Integrity Are Vital

In partnership with KW Group and GTDW, Luna Global Networks is delighted to bring together top business executives and senior experts across industries for frank and open dialogues with governments and international organizations on the critical nexus between innovation and investment, and market integrity in 2018-2020 as part of the Global Trade Development Week (GTDW) Summit series. GTDW & Luna Global Networks will be coordinating several workshops on “Brand Protection: Why Countering Illicit Trade and Promoting Market Integrity Are Vital” as part of the GTDW series internationally including in China and UAE in 2018-2020, and new events in Africa and Latin America in 2019.

“Illicit trade is a growing security concern globally across economies, markets, and industries. Cross-sectoral, cross-industry partnerships are powerful force multipliers for safeguarding intellectual property, protecting venerable brands, securing market reputational value, and for nurturing market integrity, economic growth, and innovation”, said David M. Luna, President and CEO, Luna Global Networks.

Corporate brand protection policies should be taken seriously at all levels of the company to safeguard the reputation of both the brand and the company, and to protect consuming customers. In addition to building awareness of the economic costs and other harms related to illicit trade, counterfeiting, and smuggling, investing resources against brand infringement and countering illicit threats should be a higher priority. To effectively counter illicit trade, we must fight back at all levels across global security landscapes and through more holistic, multi-dimensional, and coordinated action.

David M. Luna, President & CEO, Luna Global Networks

"GTDW is proud to partner with Luna Global Networks to host the Anti Illicit Trade Alliance as an essential part of the Global Trade Development Week network and LIVE events. The Brand Protection Series of Workshops are a pragmatic approach across our business, government, multilateral and supplier networks to have direct dialogue on key issues around illicit trade," said Andrew Keable, CEO KW Group, Owner GTDW.

 Who should attend:

·        Policymakers, regulators, government officials, customs

·        Chief technology, operations and security officers

·        Heads of Customs, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

·        Anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy, anti-fraud, anti-illicit trade, anti-corruption experts

·        Brand protection, brand licensing, brand enforcement, cross-border brand infringement investigations

·        Intellectual property (IP) and Trademarks

·        Legal counsel, corporate compliance, IP lawyers, patents, copyright, trademark, licensing

·        Content and corporate security

·        Pharmacovigilance, Product Security, Diversion

·        Digital safety and security, cybersecurity, computer crime, document security

·        Track and trace, block chain, labelling, packaging, serialisation

·        Industry association members (both anti-counterfeiting and industry specific)

·        Supply Chain & Logistics

·        Academics, researchers, market insights and consultants & other roles impacted by or involved with anti-counterfeiting efforts

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Source: Luna Global Networks

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