Growth, Travel, and Networking at Black Card Management

The team at Black Card Management is encouraged to develop through group events and recognition for their efforts. That recognition included a recent leadership conference with networking opportunities. The firm is expanding as well.

“Black Card Management is growing as a company because our associates are growing,” explained Lauren, the firm’s CEO. “We make it a goal to offer our people chances to develop through team nights, team-building events, and advancement opportunities – it’s a huge part of our business to be able to foster growth. As team members set and achieve their personal objectives, Black Card Management becomes a more successful organization. It’s a true win-win situation.”

Along with the above-mentioned prospects for professional development, the Black Card Management leaders also provide chances for travel. Associates can qualify for several weekend retreats and conferences throughout the year, where they are both recognized for their achievements and given the chance to network with industry elites. The CEO also noted that attending conferences with other top markets always helps her colleagues to learn new training techniques and set even loftier targets. Which means that, rather than a business expense, Lauren sees this type of travel as a way to invest in the continued training of her high achievers.

“Of all the reasons that I believe it’s important to attend weekend seminars with the Black Card Management team, networking is definitely the most important. There are so many benefits to expanding our professional connections, especially when you know you’re in a building full of top performers,” said Lauren. “These events are full of people that we can learn from or, even better, collaborate with in some way. The people we meet always make the trips worthwhile – everything else that happens is icing on the cake.”

How Personal Growth Pays Off for Black Card Management

All of this focus on individual growth through new training techniques, weekend conferences, and team-building events has a tremendous impact on the organization’s ability to attract and serve new brands. Black Card Management has been experiencing steady and rapid growth and has been chosen to test new products in a variety of markets because of its ability to consistently exceed expectations.

“Companies have to do more than seek stability,” stated Lauren. “They have to push for growth or risk getting left behind by their competition. There are several ways a business can encourage expansion, but for us the most effective tactic has been to help our associates to develop. As they grow, we all grow.”

About Black Card Management

Black Card Management has become the region’s most prominent event-based marketing firm. Its success is due to the passion and hard work of its talented executives. They use innovative outreach methods that grab public attention and drive leads and sales for exciting brands. By staying current on the latest industry trends, they maintain sharp insights into the world of business. They are also supported by experienced leaders who are committed to the well-being of all involved: the brands they serve, their team members, and the firm itself. See what they’ve accomplished, along with their current projects, at

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