Growing CRM Provider Snapforce Unveils Prodigy, Latest Version of Their CRM Software

Combining 108 New Features With the Telephony System That Gave Snapforce Its Initial Edge

Snapforce Prodigy CRM Software

Snapforce CEO, Richard Gabriel, announced today the worldwide release of its new version Prodigy, “Using our new proprietary CRM framework, we built Prodigy, a product that combines the latest in CRM intelligence."

Gabriel states that many of the newly added features were developed based on customer feature requests through the years. “Everything we’ve added was based on the idea’s of actual users of our CRM who too have had experience using other CRM’s in the industry. We took their advice on creating a CRM that has it all.” 

Prodigy offers core CRM functionality, as well as more advanced features like automatic email sync, marketing automation, even a client portal add-on that let’s you provide customers with their own login credentials. Most notable is Snapforce’s Telephony module, which debuted several years ago and was an industry first. Snapforce gave businesses the chance to combine two bills into one, allowing them to use Snapforce as their CRM and phone provider. This allows for complete integration with your phone system and CRM, removing the human element involved in logging phone calls. Essential for those businesses where keeping track of sales calls is everything.

When asked what to expect next, Gabriel said: “We serve our customers in both a CRM vendor capacity and as a CSP, this gives us the unique advantage to land between all layers of communication in a business. I believe this to be extremely important, given the ease in which we can provide deep insights to our users about their data. Something salesforce has been struggling to do with Einstein, can come much easier and quicker for Snapforce, and the release of Prodigy lays the groundwork for it.“

Prodigy is sure to send waves through the CRM industry and raise the bar higher for the competition. Snapforce has been competing with the best and Prodigy shows that they have earned their place among industry leaders.

About Snapforce

Snapforce is the product of years of hard work by its young CEO, Richard Gabriel, who released Snapforce at the age of just 25 years old. Snapforce was introduced offering a Telephony system combined with the CRM, a first for the industry at that time.

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