Group Seeks Trump's Tax Returns for 10 Years

In a last ditch effort to try and coerce Donald Trump into releasing his tax returns, an intrepid group of activists has petitioned the government to make submission of 10 years of personal tax returns a mandatory prerequisite for any presidential candidate.

The group, led by Vashek Mohr, believes that “fiduciary responsibility” should be an essential requirement for anyone running for the office of the President. “If you can’t manage your own finances, how can you manage a multi-trillion dollar budget?” asked Mohr. “The President and his administration have to manage trillions of dollars. Shouldn’t they have to provide proof that they are qualified to do so?”

The petition requires that the financial documents must be released at least 60 days prior to the general election. And with the election only 5 months away, can this petition attempt really make a difference? “We are trying to put as much pressure as we can on Trump to release his returns. A candidate’s fiduciary responsibility is best displayed in their tax returns. Any honest and upright candidate would have absolutely no problems releasing them to the public." continued Mohr.

Asked whether Trump has a valid argument when he says that his returns are being audited by the IRS, Mohr answered, “The former head of the IRS has already addressed that. He said that Trump is free to show his returns any time he wants to. Nothing is preventing him from doing so! Why he hasn’t released them should be of great concern to everyone.” continued Mohr.

“I find it incredulous that people are so accepting of Trump even when he refuses to provide his tax returns. He provided his own personal assessment of his huge financial empire but not official documentation.” Mohr maintained. “I could also say I am worth ten billion dollars but that doesn’t make it true.”

What does Mohr hope to accomplish with this petition?  "The truth! That's all I would like to see for a change. Honesty!" added Mohr. "If you are going to control a trillion dollar budget, you better have the skills beforehand. That can be partially shown by releasing your own budget history for the last 10 years. It's really just a simple request. Prove that you can do the job! Release your returns for all to see."

The petition can be seen at . It requires 100,000 signatures by June 19th, 2016 in order to even be considered actionable.  “Show me the tax return!” Mohr concluded while mimicking Tom Cruise’s “show me the money” role in the hit movie Jerry Maguire.


Source: Vashek Mohr


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