Ground-Breaking Startup migo IQ Partners With Wearable IoT World Labs, Initiates Series B Funding

World-renowned accelerator Wearable Internet of Things World partners with migo IQ to push new technology into the retail sector.

Jonathan Kotthoff

Retail tech disruptor migo IQ and Wearable IoT World recently cemented a relationship in order to bring the best of IoT technology to the retail sector. Wearable IoT World is a world-renowned, innovative advisory service and "the world's first accelerator focused on the Internet of Things, wearables, and emerging technology markets."

Jonathan Kotthoff, founder and CEO of migo IQ, sees WIotW as a perfect partner.

"We're so impressed with what we've seen from Wearable World," said Kotthoff. "Their focus is exactly what ours is: bringing usable technology into the real world, where it can benefit people and change the way we do business." Kotthoff began meetings with investors at the new Wearable IoT World Superhighway Lab in Hong Kong on Sunday, July 24, 2016. Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer Carol Leese joined Kotthoff in Hong Kong to wrap up the meetings and prepare for a key presentation at Wearable World's exclusive Demo Day on August 25.

The Wearable IoT World Labs is an exclusive accelerator with a track record of
laser-focused success. WIoTW has worked with over 100 companies in the IoT and wearables markets, and boasts a 90% funding rate.

Kyle Ellicott is the Founder and Chief Labs Officer of Wearable World, Inc. as well as a visionary entrepreneur known for his drive and success in multiple companies. "We're very excited to have Jonathan and the entire migo IQ team become a part of the family here at Wearable World," said Ellicott.

Acceptance into WIoTW is both a confidence boost and a huge opportunity for tech startups. "We're very honored, very excited," said Kotthoff. "The world we're in, the tech startup world, is complicated. There are lots of options. It's easy to lose focus, to get overwhelmed. We really admire the way WIoTW is known for their focus, which drives their success. We plan to listen well and to learn all we can, to drive success for migo IQ and for our investors."

Wearable IoT World's success and expertise comes from their 202 founders, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in B2B and B2C technologies, and in IoT technologies that streamline and improve the brand-consumer connection.

About migo IQ: The first truly automated, truly intelligent, responsive mobile tool for brick-and-mortar retailers, migo IQ is bringing real-time personalization to the real world. The migo platform enables brick-and-mortar retailers and venues to increase revenue and offer customers the personalized in-store shopping experience they want, with no additional staffing needed.

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