migo IQ to Install Personalization Platform in Buffalo Thunder Casino, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Subway, Kicks66, and More

A recent client acquisition opens the doors for real-world personalization in an array of retailers and entertainment venues.

Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino

Buffalo Thunder Casino, ​​the latest in a series of new clients for retail platform migo IQ, brings along some big names in retail, supermarket, entertainment, and hospitality.

"Buffalo Thunder has many holdings, and we'll be installing our platform in over twenty of these client locations. The locations include three casinos, multiple restaurants, resorts and golf courses, and several other retail, grocery, and convenience store locations," said Jonathan Kotthoff, founder and CEO of migo IQ. "We're very excited about the chance to prove our platform to these brands with increased conversions and revenue."

The migo IQ platform, a combination of machine learning software and high-density beacon installation in each physical location, provides real-time personalization on unlimited physical products or experiences.

"We'll be working with such a variety of venues," said Joe Mueller, VP of Product Development and Installation. "That's fun for us, to get to see our platform in action in restaurants, retail, grocery, and entertainment spaces. And, of course, we love the chance to show our clients how true personalization brings more customer engagement and revenue increase in all of these environments."

About migo IQ

The first truly automated, truly intelligent, responsive mobile tool for brick-and-mortar retailers, migo IQ is bringing real-time personalization to the real world. The migo platform enables physical retailers and venues to increase revenue and offer customers the personalized in-store shopping experience they want, with no additional staffing needed. More information at www.migoIQ.com.

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