Grocery Retailers Help Shoppers Fight Inflation With Innit Smart Meal Plans

Consumers can now easily find more affordable ingredients and weekly meals in line with their personalized preferences with a single click.

Innit Smart Meal Plans

Innit, an innovator in personalized food technology, today announced a new offering to help shoppers fight inflation and save money on groceries. Innit's new Smart Meal Plans incorporate powerful price-saving algorithms, enabling shoppers to select meals, with more affordable ingredients added automatically to their digital carts from retailer websites, apps, and Google home devices.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, food is the #3 expense for American families after housing and transportation. USDA estimates grocery inflation at 6.5-7.5% in 2022, the highest level in 42 years. In addition, food waste costs the average family of four $1,500 per year, adding to the economic pressure on shoppers.

"For families struggling with inflation, putting healthy meals on the table has gotten increasingly stressful," said Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder of Innit. "Innit and Google Cloud are helping grocery retailers address this challenge for shoppers, with Smart Meal Plans that automatically suggest more affordable ingredients for every dish, personalized to their preferences."

Smart Meal Plans is an online tool that automatically compares products on multiple aspects including price, nutrition, and popularity. This allows shoppers to automatically discover the best-value products for their budget and meal needs, and conveniently add to cart with a single click. Innit and Google Cloud have previously collaborated to enhance grocery e-commerce, such as shoppable recipes and meal planning, as well as personalized nutrition services for food and health sector customers. The new Smart Meal Plans now integrate Innit algorithms with Google Cloud's powerful Recommendations AI solution, which uses machine learning to help retailers deliver personalized recommendations that suit customers' unique tastes and preferences. 

Innit Smart Meal Plans also support shoppers making smarter choices to reduce food waste costs. Shoppable Recipes automatically select products in the right quantities to match the number of servings desired, and quantities of a given ingredient can be aggregated across meals to save with bulk-priced items. Innit also enables a recipe-builder function to support "cooking with what you have" and purchase only the missing ingredients. Shoppers always have the opportunity to swap in favorite brands or drop ingredients from a meal, ensuring flexibility.

"Google Cloud is committed to creating useful technologies that help people live better every day," said Paul Tepfenhart, Director, Global Grocery Solutions at Google Cloud. "We're pleased that with the Innit solution powered by Google Cloud, shoppers will have access to the technologies they need to save money on groceries and eat better." 

Innit Smart Meal Plans are available through Innit's partnership with Google Cloud, together with Google Cloud's advanced Product Discovery solutions like Retail Search and Recommendations AI. Retailers and brands can easily add new capabilities through Google Cloud Marketplace, and access services that are seamlessly integrated with Google Cloud.

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Source: Innit, Inc.