Gridwise Expands Nationwide, Empowering Rideshare and Delivery Drivers to Earn Up to 39% More per Hour

Gridwise, a mobile platform that helps rideshare and delivery drivers maximize their earnings, has launched nationwide.

Previously only available in 41 U.S. cities, the nationwide rollout comes at a time where competition amongst drivers is at an all-time high as drivers who stopped working when the pandemic began are now getting back on the road and high unemployment has brought an influx of new workers into the gig driving economy. This increase in drivers means it’s more difficult than ever for rideshare and delivery drivers to earn a living from their work. 

By having access to the data provided through the Gridwise app, drivers are empowered to make informed data-driven decisions that have shown to increase their hourly earnings by up to 39%.

“We started Gridwise due to problems faced as drivers ourselves and many people on our team still have active rideshare and delivery accounts. So we understand how hard drivers have to work to earn a decent living. We are humbled to be in a position to empower these drivers when they need it most and bring our platform to more drivers nationwide,” said Ryan Green, co-founder and CEO of Gridwise.

Since launching the app in 2017, Gridwise has empowered over 200,000 drivers and tracked over 500 million rideshare and delivery miles.

Drivers who download the Gridwise app can track their mileage to maximize tax deductions, analyze earnings across different rideshare and delivery services, and use real-time data to decide when and where they should go to generate the most income possible.

The Gridwise platform is powered by crowdsourced data from a network of 200,000 drivers combined with data from third-party APIs sources, including weather, local news, traffic, and social media. 

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