Gridd® Mobile Simplifies Sustainable Practices in the Build Industry

The FreeAxez Augmented Reality (AR) App Enables a More Circular Approach to Power and Cable Management

FreeAxez, manufacturer of the Gridd® low-profile raised access floor system, announces the enhanced developments of its Augmented Reality mobile application Gridd® Mobile, further backing FreeAxez's mission to support the circular economy. Designed for use on mobile devices, the application gives facility managers, IT teams, electricians, and maintenance personnel everything they need to know about their in-floor power and data cabling in the palm of their hand.

Gridd Mobile simplifies the entire cabling infrastructure management process. Reconfiguring workspaces is now faster and more user-friendly and agile than ever before, saving time and freeing up resources. Additionally, the reusability, recyclability, and long life of the Gridd product lines promote a more sustainable business model, allowing operations to further transition to the circular economy.

"Using AR technology, Gridd Mobile shows the exact location of power, voice, and data cabling under the floor," says Jillian Chimenti, Client Success Manager for FreeAxez. "This application helps facility management teams keep pace and eliminate knowledge loss as their business evolves."

Gridd Mobile is further backed by the design and technical support team at FreeAxez to include customized content for facilities. QR readers also provide access to product information to educate facility teams. Gridd Mobile extends the lifecycle of the building by helping to maintain spaces while having the ability to make endless moves which helps contribute to sustainability.  

Gridd Mobile features include:

  • AR views of power and low-voltage cabling
  • Access to as-built drawings
  • The ability to record cabling changes
  • QR reader for product details
  • Access to attic stock
  • Original site pictures
  • How-to guides
  • Technical support

When used in conjunction with the Gridd® Adaptive Cabling Distribution® System and Gridd® Power, Gridd Mobile enables a precise power and cable management overview without the need to lift the floor covering.

Virtual through-the-floor awareness of power and cabling configurations as well as access to technical data and project details are a few of the ways the application is helping move the circular economy forward. Office renovations, technology upgrades, and staffing changes are no longer an issue as accessing and tracking current layouts below the floor is even more simplified. 

Gridd Mobile furthers the mission at FreeAxez to provide a sustainable solution that is good for people and the environment by supporting product longevity, which is a powerfully sustainable practice.

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About FreeAxez 

FreeAxez is the developer, innovator, and manufacturer of the low-profile adaptive cabling distribution system Gridd®. The Gridd modular, 100% steel structure is completely reusable, recyclable, and enables efficient space reconfiguration. Gridd provides flexibility throughout the life cycle of the building, substantially contributing to the circular economy.

Gridd enables fast and efficient space reconfiguration by eliminating the need to relocate cables behind walls or in drop ceilings. This substantially reduces labor, materials, and energy for infrastructure updates while also reducing the corresponding waste, further improving the circular economy performance of buildings in which it is installed.

FreeAxez's Gridd access flooring systems are designed to be used in virtually any space for the efficient distribution and reconfiguration of power, data, and voice cables. Gridd is made from high-strength steel with polyethylene underlayment and insulating sheets. In addition to containing recycled content, the materials are also completely recyclable. To learn more, please visit and follow FreeAxez on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

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